Shimmy Mob Thanks

Fargo Shimmy Mob Team 2015

Fargo Shimmy Mob Team 2015

We did it! In spite of the cold weather we performed during the Fargo Marathon – we kept warm with our shimmies, but the hats, scarves and gloves helped too. Thank you to the whole team for braving the weather! Top row from left: Enchanting Erica, Ezma Siddiqah, Lisa, Yarah Rasheeda, Danika, Nixie, Amaya, Aremi, Annette; bottom row from left: Narda, Annakiya Seher, Karen.

Also special thank you to my assistant TL’s Ezma and Yarah, who helped so much with writing letters and rehearsing. You ladies rock! And thanks to Kevin for coming out to take pics of us as we perform!

Thanks also to the Fargo Marathon and Happy Joe’s for giving us a place to dance, and the Spirit Room for giving us a place to practice!

We raised $550 $750 for the YWCA of Cass Clay during the total campaign. If you missed out on Shimmy Mob please still donate to them – they do important work!

Video courtesy Nixie – thanks a million!


Shimmy Mob is Imminent!

Shimmy Mob 2015

Shimmy Mob 2015

Mark your calendars and come out early to support your local bellydancers and marathon runners! Shimmy Mob will be at mile 2 of the Fargo Marathon at Happy Joe’s Pizza in the parking lot, north location, as part of Bands On The Run. We’ve been practicing hard and we’re pumped to be performing at this great community event!

What: Shimmy Mob performance, and troupe and solo performances from local dancers

Where: Happy Joe’s Parking Lot, 3132 North Broadway & 32nd Ave N., Fargo, ND

When: Saturday, May 9, 7:30am and 8:30am

Why: Raising awareness of the awesomeness of bellydance, and raising funds for the YWCA of Cass Clay

On Facebook, check out our event here.

Please check out more details on the tabs in the menu at the top of the screen, and please donate to YWCA in honor of the event. You might even win something for your donation!

Special thanks to:

The Spirit Room for giving us practice space

The Fargo Marathon and Happy Joe’s for giving us a place to dance

The dancers who have volunteered their time and effort!

The Latest Bellydance News

Happy All-idays!

Happy All-idays!

Happy All-idays! So much is coming up, I can hardly keep it straight! Here’s the haps:

Now: Winter class session continues. Spring session will begin at the end of February. Check back here for details.

Saturday, Dec. 20, 2014: Bad Weather Burlesque All-iday Show. Why stop at Christmas? Let’s celebrate all the holidays! I will be the Winter Solstice and Labor Day. Some of you know what that means… Show starts at 9:30pm at the Aquarium in Fargo.

Friday, Feb. 14, 2015: A Bad Weather Burlesque Valentine: Fatal Attraction. Enjoy some fab food and saucy entertainment at this dinner theater event. More info coming, tickets available through Non-dinner admission is also available in advance and at the door. Dinner at 7:00pm, show at 8:30pm at the Fargo Holiday Inn.

Jasmin Jahal

Jasmin Jahal

Feb. 20-22, 2015: Jasmin Jahal Saidi Workshop. This is going to be fabulous! Take advantage of this internationally acclaimed performer and instructor right in your own backyard. More info here.

Saturday, May 9, 2015: World Bellydance Day! I am the Shimmy Mob team leader for Fargo this year, and we will be coordinating with the Fargo Marathon to make this extra awesome. Early bird registration is through Dec. 31. Sign up at, and see more local info on this page.

Wow, I can hardly keep up! I hope to see you all there!

World Bellydance Day

Wow, did we have a blast last weekend! First we had a little hafla on Friday night (OK, I was late but I still caught some good stuff).

Improv drumming with Gaia, Lauren Boldt, Natasha, Kelly and Amanda

Improv drumming with Gaia, Lauren Boldt, Natasha, Kelly and Amanda

On Saturday morning we did body conditioning for bellydancers with Lauren Boldt – it was hard, but fun!

Then Shimmy Mob at the Grand Cities Mall!

Then after lunch back to work as we practiced drumming and dancing during the “Insane in the Membrane” workshop. I pooped out after a while because I was not feeling well. But the rest of the class were real troopers.

Drumming and Dancing!

Drumming and Dancing!

And finally in the evening we performed at the UND Burtness Theatre – so many super talented ladies!



And after we all went out to eat I collapsed because my head cold finally got to me. But, as quick as the weekend went it was a great time! Special thanks to Lauren Boldt, who is a fabulous dancer and teacher, and just a delightful person; Natasha and the Lovely Dozen for hosting and doing most of the heavy lifting (especially Natasha for her Shimmy Mob organizational help!); my Kismet ladies who get me through each week; and everyone who participated in the show and contributed to CVIC. Love you all!

Lots of Great Events Coming Up!

Bad Weather Burlesque Tribute to the Beatles!

Bad Weather Burlesque Tribute to the Beatles!

Winter weather getting you down? I’ve got some activities to get you all warmed up!

So get ready for some serious shimmying – see you there!

Anonymous Donor Rights Bellydance Wrongs, Restores Faith in Humanity

I’ve had an unexpected development in the story of my issues with Club Bellydance that I must share immediately. Some backstory for those of you who may be new:

In February 2013 I was the local sponsor for Club Bellydance, which I wrote about here. Although the show was fabulous, I had a great deal of trouble getting paid for our first act contribution to the show, which I wrote about in this article for the Gilded Serpent, and I had also blogged the email I sent directly to Miles Copeland.

Yesterday before class Dawn at the Spirit Room said she had a surprise for me. It turned out that an anonymous donor – and extremely kind and generous person or persons – had read my post and wanted to help. That donor sent me a money order for $415, the amount we had been owed by Bellydance Superstars for the show! Obviously I was absolutely delighted and grateful that this party would be so generous and caring. Please allow me to express my feelings in interpretive dance:

Disco Kitteh is pumped!

Disco Kitteh is pumped!

Now, I think I may not have made it 100% crystal clear in my blog post, which was to be an accompanying read for the GS article, but after 4 months of bugging people I did finally get paid by Bellydance Superstars, although I never did receive a reply from Miles Copeland or Stevo Glendinning regarding my criticisms of their business practices. I have since added an editorial note to that post. But now I still have this check and it was anonymous so I can’t return it. I am certain that the donor/s would want this to go to a good cause so here is my plan: I will be donating a portion of the proceeds to two bellydance charities. First for my dance sisters at the Lovely Dozen in Grand Forks I will be donating to their Shimmython to benefit the American Music Therapy Association. Second, as I am the team leader for Grand Forks’ Shimmy Mob 2014, I will be donating the remainder to a local organization to help victims of domestic abuse. You can learn more about Shimmy Mob here.

To the donor/s who so have been so gracious and generous: Thank you from the bottom of my heart! You are the sort of person/people who keep the good energy in the universe flowing. You are truly helping others. Blessings to you and yours!

Excuse me, I need get a tissue. I seem to have something in my eye…

Special Shimmy Session Starts Saturday

New Session Starts April 6

New Session Starts April 6

I love alliteration!

Yesterday we just finished up our winter session of class, and we’ll start up a new session right away this Saturday. However, it will be a super short session because CoreCon will be the first weekend of May, and Saroya of Atlanta‘s workshop, as well as Shimmy Mob, in Grand Forks is the second weekend in May, and I take summers off. But, I figured we could get a good workout in before we call it a season so our short session will not feature a full choreography as usual, but we will do all shimmies, all the time. Egyptian shimmy, twist shimmy, 3/4 shimmy, shoulder shimmy; while walking, changing our weight, on one foot or two. Remember to eat your Wheaties before class!